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How Using Sustainability Can be the Key to Guest Retention & Long-Term Profitability

Thursday, September 19, 2024
Innovation Stage

In today's fiercely competitive hospitality market, standing out, and creating lasting connections with guests is more crucial than ever. Join our expert panel as we explore how independent hotels can harness the power of sustainability to enhance customer retention and drive long-term success.

Our discussion will focus on practical, actionable strategies for implementing eco-friendly practices that not only minimize environmental impact but also resonate deeply with the growing segment of sustainability-minded travelers.

We'll dive into real-world examples and success stories from hotels that have successfully integrated sustainability into their operations, showcasing how these initiatives can:

  • Create a unique competitive edge
  • Foster guest loyalty and advocacy
  • Drive long-term profitability

You'll leave this panel with a toolkit of ideas and best practices for weaving sustainability into your hotel's marketing and retention strategies, allowing you to:

  • Attract and retain eco-conscious guests
  • Build meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers
  • Position your hotel for enduring success in a rapidly evolving market

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how embracing sustainability can help your independent hotel thrive in the years to come. Join us and discover the key to unlocking guest loyalty and long-term prosperity. 

Yulia Strokova, Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Impact Edition
Yadira Diaz, Founder - Gradible
Ariane Hiltebrand, Director of Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee Chair - Miami Beach Convention Center
Tanja Morariu, Director of Marketing & Head of Sustainability - The Palms Hotel & Spa
Amy Wald, LEED Green Associate\TRUE Advisor\ISSP-SEA, Founder & President - GreenLux Inc.