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Dedicated to supporting the needs of the modern hotelier, the Independent Hotel Show delivers aspirational content alongside practical solutions, as well as facilitating those unanticipated connections that could totally transform your business. Similar to the way you run your hotel business, every detail matters and we have carefully curated each element of the show to ensure we deliver the best experience for you.

Seminar Program

Guided by a select group of industry thought leaders, our seminars have been programmed especially for you, to promote conversation around topics we know are of the utmost importance to hoteliers today.

The Suite

Our exclusive lounge offering hospitality to the Independent Hotel Show Members Club and their guests. A stylish, comfortable haven of calm away from the busy show floor will provide a wonderful environment to host meetings, check emails, or just stop to reflect on the day.

The Lobby

Hoteliers are invited to enter The Lobby, a central networking space at the heart of the show. An oasis of calm and tranquility, The Lobby serves as an area to work, network, and have meetings.