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The Anything Group unveils a total rebrand and presents new service units.

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The Anything Group unveils a total rebrand and presents new service units.
TAG, the well-known full-service marketing agency, led by Rich Tuckwell-Skuda, presents its new and innovative identity to the world.

Along with its new modern and bold identity, The Anything Group also launches its new service units that claim to be ‘The 5 S’s to see Successes’: 


Shine - Shoot - Software  Sparkle Stay


The 5 S’s to see Successes: 


Shine - Illuminate your brand to the world

Unleash your power to shine. TAG´S  expertise in marketing, PR, website design, and digital strategies come together to elevate your brand. We go beyond the conventional to craft experiences that make your business shine and stand out, highlighting your business to your prospective client base. Services that make you shine are:  Digital Advertising - Marketing - Website Design and Development - Social Media -  PR - MetaSearch. 


Shoot -  Capturing moments, creating stories

Immerse your audience into your story with shoot. Where photography, film production, and advertising mix with the art of storytelling. Through captivating visual stories, TAG transforms your brand's essence into a compelling narrative. Let TAG be your storyteller, turning every image and frame into a visual masterpiece and transporting your audience into your brand. Services that shoot your brand into the stars are: Videography & Photography - Visual Content, Creation & Strategy -  Pre-production development- Post-production solutions. 


Software - Where innovation and technology converge with creativity

Dive into the world of software, where innovation meets technology. From world-first Ai led multi-point hospitality booking engines to industry changing AI analytics platforms, TAG specializes in sculpting the technological backbone of your business to drive revenue and knowledge. Software’s that you can find here: Tagalitics-  Booking Engine - PMS - Channel Manager, RMS, CRS, and Rate Parity solutions.


Sparkle -Dust off your brand and add some sparkle

TAG makes every client sparkle, amplifying brand presence and generating memorable experiences for the clients audiences. Sparkle adds the unique touch that your brand needs by producing Experiential Brand  Engagement installations. Start creating multi-sensory connections and a personalized journey for your brand with TAG.  Services that make you sparkle are:  Events- Brand Activation- Installation Engagement- Branding- Visual Merchandising- Store Layout Planning- Window Display. 


Stay - Tomorrow is a new stay

Stay is your gateway to unparalleled hospitality services. From construction to meticulous management, TAG helps you redefine hotel development and expenditure, renovation, management and FFE supply industry. Craft unforgettable experiences for your guests, ensuring that every stay is a lasting memory. Elevate your hospitality game with Stay. Services that make you stay happy are: Construction and Project GC Management -  Software Install and Management -  PIP Management - FFE Design, Supply and Install -  Brand Negotiation - De/Reflag - Property Renovation & Refit, least-cost development structuring and implementation. 


The unveiling of TAG's rebranding and introduction of new service units marks an exciting chapter for The Anything Group. With a refreshed identity and a commitment to excellence, TAG is poised to continue delivering Best-in-class performance marketing, branding, and reputation services to their valued clients. The 5 S’s to See Successes: Shine, Shoot, Software, Sparkle and Stay, reflect dedication to innovation, storytelling, and client satisfaction. TAG invites businesses to embark on this journey, illuminate their brands, capture moments, and craft unforgettable experiences that set new standards in the industry. 



The Anything Group (TAG) is a full-service performance, marketing, branding, website development and reputation agency, with a full in-house production and filming studio. TAG performs Emotive Engagement and Connection Marketing services across the hospitality, luxury brands and products, fashion, retail and streamed media worlds. 



TAG, we are Anything But Ordinary. 

So TAG along!


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