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Thursday, March 07, 2024

LATHER’s New Landscapes Collection Packaged in Ocean Bound Plastic

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LATHER’s New Landscapes Collection Packaged in Ocean Bound Plastic

LATHER, a renowned provider of clean skincare, hair care, and personal care products, introduces its Landscapes Collection. This groundbreaking line sets a new standard for luxury hospitality, by prioritizing natural, ethically sourced ingredients packaged in 100 Percent Ocean Bound Plastic.

"Hotels are constantly seeking ways to enhance guest satisfaction while minimizing their environmental footprint,” says LATHER founder Emilie Hoyt. “Our Landscapes Collection perfectly aligns with these goals, offering both an unparalleled guest experience and a commitment to sustainability.”

The decision to utilize Ocean Bound Plastic underscores LATHER’s dedication to environmental responsibility. By repurposing plastic collected from coastal regions, the Landscapes Collection not only reduces plastic pollution and the need for virgin plastic production, but also supports local communities by providing economic opportunities.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the Landscapes Collection offers guests a sensory journey like no other. Inspired by the diverse aromas of the earth’s landscapes—from the crisp freshness of mountain air to the soothing scents of the forest, the warmth of the desert, and the invigorating coastal breeze—each product envelops guests in an immersive experience that awakens the senses and fosters a deeper connection with nature.

Made with Natural Ingredients

Inclusive of hair wash, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, hand wash, cleansing bar, and gentle face soap, each product is carefully formulated with natural ingredients, free from synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

“We believe in empowering guests to make conscious choices,” adds Hoyt. “By including QR codes on each bottle, guests can effortlessly access information about our ingredients and the significance of Ocean Bound Plastics, inviting them to join us on our journey towards wellness and sustainability.”

This dedication to quality extends beyond the products themselves to LATHER’s new innovative Residential Bracket design. Seamlessly blending form and function, the new powder-coated steel bracket features a concealed bottom shelf within the recessed bottle base, creating a visually striking illusion of containers floating effortlessly on the wall. Each LATHER bottle also offers a practical viewing strip and embossed 10ml fill level line on each side, facilitating easy monitoring and replenishment by hospitality staff between guest stays.

The accompanying retail line becomes available online and in stores July this year, allowing guests to enjoy the luxury of their hotel experience in the comfort of their own bathroom.