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Here at Balconista Furniture we are thrilled to help bring balconies back to life. The concept of creating a purposeful balcony furniture collection has been a goal of ours for quite a few years. Most balconies are equipped with patio furniture and these pieces are not designed for the unique balcony space, so the guest is forced to look through the rails and the experience disappoints.

Finally in the summer of 2016 we made our first prototypes and experienced firsthand how these products enhanced our outdoor dining experience. So much so that we decided to bring the designs to the US Patent office and then to market, so now you can experience the same transformation of your balcony space. Balconista Furniture holds three patents, one utility and two design.

It’s the mission of Balconista Furniture to enhance the enjoyment of the great outdoors and other living spaces through simple and modern furniture, designed for efficiency and maximum experience, promoting sustainable initiatives to protect our environment as well as care for our community.

Balconista Furniture products are constructed out of Superior Wood Alternative made by Tangent USA. The process is Green Circle Certified, constructed from post-consumer recyclables in Closed Loop Production. It's all season, all weather, all life. The product requires only basic cleaning, no real maintenance. 

We have been blessed with full plates at Balconista Furniture and we want to help those whose plates are empty; therefore we have partnered with Feed the Hungry — a full life feels good. "Set the Table and Feed the Hungry" with Balconista!


Panama City Beach
United States
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