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Object of Metamophosis

Booth: 217
  • | Spa & Wellness
Founded in 2021 by Tom Uzan, OOM markets a trunk designed for luxury hospitality, dedicated to hairdressing and facial care.

The trunk is designed to open in less than a minute, move easily, and benefit from long-term durability thanks to its titanium and carbon structure. It was developed in collaboration with Maison Pinel & Pinel, and uses a patented innovative engineering system that makes it truly unique.  OOM is revolutionizing the world of hairdressing and luxury hospitality by offering its product to numerous French palaces and has been expanding to the American and Middle Eastern markets since 2023. 

The offer is entirely flexible. OOM's customers will have the option to acquire the trunk through leasing and install it in their premises, or to rent it on a temporary basis (daily, weekly, or monthly)..  In order to provide a unique and seamless experience, OOM has also developed its own application that allows hotel guests or concierges to book in-room care services.  OOM is expanding its offer with a new, smaller trunk model to adapt to new spaces.


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