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Roll-Lux is an expert in premium colored toilet paper and paper napkins. Our products are available in both professional and individual packaging or presented in elegant gift boxes. These exceptional offerings cater to all hotels and restaurants aiming to enhance their customers' experience by focusing on often-overlooked items. Whether it's coordinating the colors of these essentials with the color theme of their establishments or adding a touch of sophistication to events like Christmas and Halloween, St Patrick's, and more, our products are the ideal choice.

In addition to our high-end colored toilet paper and paper napkins, we offer luxury white 3-ply or recycled toilet paper, colored paper towels or, with festive patterns, and scented, and colored facial tissues. At Roll-Lux, we guarantee impeccable quality and a wide array of colors and fragrances to captivate every customer.

All our products are proudly crafted in Europe by the renowned brand Renova, which boasts over 200 years of proven expertise. Renova has built its reputation on the exceptional quality and innovation of its products, alongside a strong dedication to ecological and sustainable practices. Many of our products carry certifications such as FSC, Ecolabel, or Emas, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

We maintain rigorous quality standards for all the products we distribute. Our toilet papers undergo thorough dermatological and gynecological testing, ensuring they completely dissolve in water, and emphasizing their safety and comfort. Furthermore, our towels and tissue products are BRC Food certified, guaranteeing their suitability for safe use.

Finally, Roll-Lux has its warehouse based in North Miami where we ship all orders across the United States but also the Caribbean and South America.


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