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Yuvod is an expert company in entertainment tech solutions for the hospitality industry. We bring our expertise in OTT platforms to offer hotels a cloud-based TV system to increase profits, reduce costs, and improve the guest experience.

Yuvod Guest Experience TV's cutting-edge in-room entertainment system enhances the guest experience while reflecting the hotel's unique brand. It allows guests to access their favorite content while the hotel can improve guest experience and communication and generate new revenue streams in a non-intrusive way, promoting hotel services. We offer an end-to-end service that cuts maintenance costs as antennas and on-premise signal
headers are eliminated. It is adaptable, easy to install, and suitable for all types of hotels.

Main advantages of Yuvod Hotel TV:

• Hotel brand personalization
• Linear channels and streaming platforms (Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Disney+, etc
• Display hotel services and information
• Unified operating system
• Display hotel promotions
• Monetization
• Usage reports by hotel group or individual
• Operational efficiency
• Reliable and cost-effective technology
• Chromecast, integrated apps, content recording, and interactive guides
• Easy to use for all kinds of guests


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