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Cynthia Perez

Cynthia Perez

General Manager, Marenas Beach Resort

Having over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Cynthia Perez began her career as a front desk agent in Cienfuegos, Cuba.  In 2007, she obtained her degree in Hospitality Management and began her career at such properties as Marseilles Deco Beach Hotel and the Kent Hotel, gaining notable professional experience in a variety of roles including Guest Relations Manager, Hotel Manager, and General Manager.

Throughout the years, Cynthia has held positions which enabled her to deliver excellent guest satisfaction and build meaningful relationships. She began working at Marenas Beach Resort as a Guest Relations Manager and was shortly promoted to Operations Manager, in which she dealt with not only guests but also owners. After working in this position for a couple of months, the executive board saw her great potential and she was promoted to General Manager.

During her time as General Manager, Cynthia has been able to deliver record-breaking results such as a surplus of positive guest reviews, an improvement in the overall guest stay, and delivering successful revenue for the owners all while decreasing costs without impacting the success of Marenas. Cynthia has made sure to carefully select a management team in where she has been a positive influence in successfully leading them to accomplish many victories at the property.

During her time off, Cynthia’s favorite activities includes spending time with her 5-year-old daughter, Meghan and her Golden Retriever, Milo.